The missing start menu for macOS

If the launchpad of macOS is too bulky and confusing for you, innovative::bytes start is the right choice. innovative::bytes start is a start menu for macOS and allows you to quickly find and structure your programs.

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start helps you

Organize your applications and get the job done, simply
Structuring Apps into categories

With innovative::bytes start you can categorize applications. So you don't have to search for the right application.

Color highlighting

Assign colors to your applications to find them better and faster

Categorize Apps, directories and files

You can also assign directories and files to a category. For example, if you are currently working on a project, you can simply assign a category to the necessary folders, files and programs - by selecting the category you will have access to it later on.

Easy and flexible configuration


innovative::bytes start is flexible and can be adapted to your wishes.
Colored entries? No problem! You do not want to display unimportant entries?
One click to get it done!

Trial version

innovative::bytes start is available as a full version in the Apple Appstore and as a trial version for download here.

The trial version is fully functional, but displays a message screen after 20 minutes and then exits.


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