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First Steps

After you have launched Start you will see... nothing. This is correct because the application runs in the background and can be reached via a small icon in the menu bar.
To open the application, just click with the mouse on the icon in the menu bar. Start now displays a list of all existing applications. Use the search field above the list to filter your selection. An application is started by clicking with the mouse or by pressing the return key.


Open Start via Icon in the Menubar
Start runs in the background and is usually invisible except for the small icon in the menu bar. As soon as you click on the icon in the menu bar, the main window of Start is displayed. Alternatively you can set a keyboard shortcut in the preferences to show the main window.


With the search bar you can quickly search for a desired entry. If you have added comments to your entries (e.g. a description of an application) you can also quickly search for it with the search bar.


With the menu you can quickly access the different areas of Start, for example the configuration.


Start manages entries of different type/category. Applications are automatically detected and added using Spotlight. Links to files, folders and URLs can be added manually. In this section you can quickly view all entries of a certain type.


Entries can be assigned to one or more tags in start. It doesn't matter if the entry is an applications, link to directories/files or URLs.