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Start v7.5

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This update has optimized folder management and expanded it with a new feature:

Navigation to the contents of your favorite folders.

When you add folders to Start, you can open them in Finder - or show the contents of the folder directly in Start. The right part of the main window thus becomes a compact browser for your favorite folders.

You can navigate very easily using keyboard shortcuts: the right arrow key or Command + the down arrow key to go down in the hierarchy, and the left arrow key or Command + the up arrow key to go up in the hierarchy.

To exit this display mode and return to the start view, simply press the Escape key.

Other new features:

  • Direct display in Finder: Hold down the Shift key and click with the mouse or press Return to display the current entry directly in Finder.
  • Quick start guide: We have added a short guide to help you get to grips quickly.


  • Saved thumbnails: Previously inconsistently loaded thumbnails for files and FavIcons are now called up reliably.
  • Error detection with thumbnails: The error detection when generating thumbnails has been made more reliable.
  • Export configuration: When exporting the configuration, access to the export directory is now checked in advance.
  • Display error main window: An error that could cause the main window to not display correctly despite being called up by hotkey or mouse click has been fixed.

A big "thank you" to Sylvain for the support and help with the French translation and the design of the quickstart-guide.