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Start v7.2

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New version, more power!

We have listened and worked hard to improve Start. The latest update not only enhances stability but also fixes numerous issues. We sincerely thank you for your valuable feedback!

What's new? Here are a few highlights:

  • Quickly create tags directly in the main window. With just one click, you can now create new tags and instantly sort and organize your content.
  • Intuitively nest tags by drag and drop. Tags are now incredibly easy to structure and group. Simply drag them to another tag and build a clear hierarchy.
  • Easily launch all entries within a tag with just one keystroke. With the new version, you can effortlessly launch all the contents of a tag by pressing Shift + Return!
  • Hold down the Option key to quickly check the paths of entries. If you want to know where an entry leads, a simple keypress is all it takes. Holding down the Option key will swiftly display the paths of entries.
  • Effortlessly view assigned tags using Control + Option.
  • The keyboard shortcuts overview has been redesigned to be even more user-friendly.