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Start v7.0

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Start v7.0 offers many new and revised features:


Start now offers a DropStack for files and folders. Simply drag files and folders with the mouse into the upper free area. As soon as there are entries in the DropStack, they will be passed to the next launched application.


  • Pin the main window so that it does not close when Start loses focus. Now you can easily fill the DropStack with different entries.
  • You can also remove entries of the DropStack afterwards by right-clicking on the stack.
  • If you drag additional entries onto the DropStack, they will be added to the stack.

Start and the Dock

You can now also open the main window of Start via a Dock icon.

Two steps are necessary for this:

  1. Drag the application to the desired position on the dock.

As a menu bar tool, Start does not automatically appear in the Dock, so this step is necessary.

  1. Define in the configuration where the main window of Start should appear when you click on the dock icon.

Unfortunately it is not possible to read the exact position of Start in the Dock. Therefore you have to make this setting yourself.

Flexible sized Entries

The size of the entries can now be displayed flexibly instead of just in two sizes.

Swipe gestures

The entries in the main menu now additionally support swipe gestures - a swipe to the left removes an entry, swipe to the right adds an entry to the favorites.

In addition to the above new features, the following areas have also been updated or revised:

  • New: In addition to searching with Spotlight, Start also searches the search areas specified in the configuration at the file level during a manual refresh.
  • New: The main window can now be displayed not only as a menu and in the center of the screen. Instead, 9 different positions can now be selected individually.
  • New: The size of the sidebar entries can optionally be changed independently of the settings in macOS.
  • New: Comments switch to the path display after a short time when the mouse is over them.
  • New: Entries can be added to favorites by drag'n'drop.
  • New: [Shift]+[Return] displays an entry in the Finder instead of launching it.
  • New: Start can now show a defined category or the last used view when the main window is displayed.
  • General: Numerous optical adjustments.
  • Bugfix: Enter on numeric keypad also launches entries.
  • Bugfix: Showing and hiding categories did not work as expected.
  • Bugfix: If the main window was closed and the search field was used before, the search results were still shown when the main window was opened again.
  • Bugfix: Minor bugfixes when comparing localized texts.

Important: Start v7.0 uses some new techniques that are only available from macOS 11. For this reason, Start v7.0 requires macOS 11.0 as a minimum version.