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Start v6.0

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New features

The settings have been revised and now offer a dedicated "Appearance" section with more options to customize Start to your own preferences:

  • The width of the main window can be adjusted.
  • The height of the main window can be adjusted.
  • The intensity of the background color of individual entries in the main window can be adjusted.
  • The right part of the main window can now optionally be made transparent.

  • The first 9 entries can be launched directly by the keyboard shortcut Command + 1-9. A few tips: If you show the active applications with a keyboard shortcut, you can now quickly switch between the first 9 applications using Command 1-9 without manually selecting the respective entry. Also, this feature is useful when searching through the input field - once the desired entry is among the first 9 entries, it can be quickly launched without a manual selection or mouse click.

Bug fixes and other adjustments

  • The internal processing of security access to files and folders outside the sandbox has been completely revised and optimized.
  • Thumbnails are now generated in parallel to increase the overall speed of the application.
  • In rare cases, querying/updating Spotlight results could cause Start to crash.
  • In rare cases, individual entries from Spotlight could be entered twice.
  • A diagnostic file can now be created in the advanced settings. This file contains all relevant data from Start in a single text file.
  • Removed time delays when launching multiple entries at the same time.
  • The color assignment of an entry is now also visible when the line is currently selected.
  • An error when scrolling the entries in the main window has been fixed.
  • Adjustments and corrections to the French translation.