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Start v5.7

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For Start 5.7 and 5.7.1, numerous code optimizations and internal adjustments were made. The primary focus was on stability and bug fixes.

Bug fixes and other adjustments

  • In light mode, the search text for entries in the main window was not always underlined in the correct color.
  • The recording of recently used applications was not always reliable and sometimes significantly more entries were displayed.
  • In rare cases it could happen that Start performed several updates at the same time and crashed.
  • The optional display of categories of files, folders, URLs and shortcuts is now done automatically when adding/removing the corresponding items to the currently selected tag. Previously, these categories were only updated when the main window was redisplayed and then shown or hidden accordingly.
  • When the input focus was set to the search field, the display of entries in Start was not always correctly focused at the same time.
  • The indicator for currently active applications now visually adapts better to the current state (selected, ...) of the entry.
  • When searching via the search field, the result was not always in the correct order.
  • A change of the tag icon via the popup menu was not displayed immediately in every case.
  • Start now also supports a double tap of the keys Command, Option or Control as hotkey.
  • You can display an overview of the hotkeys you have stored in Start in the menu.
  • When a configuration window is open in Start, hotkeys and the main window are disabled until the configuration window is closed again. Now, if another application comes to the foreground when a configuration window is open, it seems that Start would stop responding. This is not the case - there is only a configuration window still open in the background. Start 5.7.1 optimizes this by bringing a configuration window that may be open in the background to the foreground when the menu icon is clicked.