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Start v5.6

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New features

  • In Start it has always been very easy to call various URLs. Especially the use of URL schemes are a powerful, but sometimes hard to remember tool. For this reason you can now save URL templates in Start's preferences and simply paste them into the URL dialog. Using similar URLs in Start is now much easier.
  • The URL dialog has been significantly reworked. You can now use templates and test the URL directly in the dialog to see if it works as you want it to (this can be very useful especially with complex URL schemes). Oh and yes: Both the URL templates in the settings and the URL display in the URL dialog works with syntax highlighting to better display individual elements of a URL.

Bug fixes and other adjustments

  • Start now detects when a drive is added or removed.
  • Until now, every change in Spotlight immediately updated the internal database. Now this happens with a short delay to process many changes in a short time once.
  • The "Refresh Data" function in the menu now also forces a complete rebuild of the internal icon cache.
  • Various internal code adjustments and optimizations.