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Start v5.4

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New features

  • Support for shortcuts from the shortcuts-app. You can use the "Import shortcuts from shortcuts app" menu item to automatically import existing shortcuts into start. Imported shortcuts are then in the new category "Shortcuts" and can be tagged, colored, hotkeys, etc. afterwards.
  • The behavior of the search bar has been revised: when searching, the first entry found is now always highlighted and opened immediately by pressing Return. It is no longer necessary to first switch to the list using the arrow key.
  • The "Favorites" category can now also be hidden.
  • The individual categories can now also be assigned hotkeys. For example, you can assign a hotkey to the category "Active Applications" and use start to quickly change the active application.

Bug fixes and other adjustments

  • Adjustments for macOS 12
  • Fixed a bug with automatic scrolling in the tag list during drag'n'drop.
  • Fixed a small memory leak with colored lines in the main window.
  • Longer text was not shortened correctly for entries in the main window.
  • The help file that was previously included as a PDF file has been removed. The complete manual is now located on the start web page and is now accessed directly.


  • macOS 10.14 is no longer supported.