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Start v5.1

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With start v5.1 mainly internal processes have been optimized and minor bugs have been fixed. Since start normally runs constantly in the background, memory consumption is very important. For this reason, special effort was put into optimizing memory consumption in this update. Start was already very modest in terms of the system resources used, but with the optimizations, about 30% less memory is used.

New functions

  • start is now also available with a French language version.
  • For URL's from Craft, start now uses its own icon so that these URL's are better recognizable.
  • The display of paths for entries in the main window is now optional and can be disabled.
  • In the context menu, the path is also displayed (helpful if the paths are hidden in the main window).

Bug fixes

  • Optimization of the internal data structure.
  • Optical adjustments to the two context menus of the main window so that the content is more readable and also visually oriented to the main window.
  • When changing the line size in the main window, the resizing was displayed incorrectly with a colored background.
  • The thumbnails were not displayed in the correct aspect ratio.
  • Changing the menu bar icon no longer requires restarting the application.
  • Other minor bug fixes