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Start v5.0

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New functions

  • You can now optionally switch tags and categories without a mouse click while the mouse is over them.
  • The use of hotkeys has been extended. You can now assign hotkeys to single tags. In fact, you can assign two hotkeys to a tag. The first hotkey opens the main window and then switches to the corresponding tag. With the second hotkey you can launch all entries of a tag at once.
  • While we are on the subject of tags: You can now assign an individual color to each tag icon.
  • The icons have been completely redesigned and enhanced to provide a consistent look-and-feel. Together with the different colors, you can now choose from 910 icon and color combinations to create your own tag icon.
  • The size of the icons as well as the text in the sidebar now use the macOS settings (10.15+).
  • You can customize colors, tags and comments at once on multiple entries in the configuration.
  • The number of entries of a tag can be displayed in the main window.
  • For known file types - if possible - a thumbnail is displayed instead of the file icon (10.15+)
  • Categories can be deactivated in the settings and will then no longer be displayed in the main window.

Bug fixes

  • Optimizations to the internal database.
  • Some URL schemes have been rejected by Start so far. The detection here has been corrected.
  • When changing the line size, the colour markings were then partially displayed incorrectly.
  • Various other bug fixes and optimizations.


  • macOS 10.13 is no longer supported.