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What is new in Start v5 - latest release: v5.4

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New features

  • Support for shortcuts from the shortcuts-app. You can use the "Import shortcuts from shortcuts app" menu item to automatically import existing shortcuts into start. Imported shortcuts are then in the new category "Shortcuts" and can be tagged, colored, hotkeys, etc. afterwards.
  • The behavior of the search bar has been revised: when searching, the first entry found is now always highlighted and opened immediately by pressing Return. It is no longer necessary to first switch to the list using the arrow key.
  • The "Favorites" category can now also be hidden.
  • The individual categories can now also be assigned hotkeys. For example, you can assign a hotkey to the category "Active Applications" and use start to quickly change the active application.

Bug fixes and other adjustments

  • Adjustments for macOS 12
  • Fixed a bug with automatic scrolling in the tag list during drag'n'drop.
  • Fixed a small memory leak with colored lines in the main window.
  • Longer text was not shortened correctly for entries in the main window.
  • The help file that was previously included as a PDF file has been removed. The complete manual is now located on the start web page and is now accessed directly.


  • macOS 10.14 is no longer supported.

Start v5.3

This version is a small update to optimize Start for the new macOS Monterey.

Bug fixes

  • Adjustments for macOS 12.
  • The hotkey display is now center-aligned.
  • In rare cases, the change of a file path was not recognized correctly.
  • When the main window is displayed in the center of the screen, it is correctly displayed with shadows and rounded corners.

Start v5.2

New functions

  • You can now drag'n'drop files and directories onto the menu bar icon or the top of the main window and then pass them to an application.
  • URLs from Safari can now be added using drag'n'drop.
  • Files and directories can now be added directly to a tag using drag'n'drop from the Finder.
  • The current search text is underlined for entries in the main window.

Bug fixes

  • Optimizations in SpringLoading of tags.
  • Errors when creating thumbnails corrected.
  • The tag dialog could not be invoked from the settings.
  • Thumbnails are now only generated for local image and PDF files.
  • Various other bug fixes and optimizations.

Start v5.1

With start v5.1 mainly internal processes have been optimized and minor bugs have been fixed. Since start normally runs constantly in the background, memory consumption is very important. For this reason, special effort was put into optimizing memory consumption in this update. Start was already very modest in terms of the system resources used, but with the optimizations, about 30% less memory is used.

New functions

  • start is now also available with a French language version.
  • For URL's from Craft, start now uses its own icon so that these URL's are better recognizable.
  • The display of paths for entries in the main window is now optional and can be disabled.
  • In the context menu, the path is also displayed (helpful if the paths are hidden in the main window).

Bug fixes

  • Optimization of the internal data structure.
  • Optical adjustments to the two context menus of the main window so that the content is more readable and also visually oriented to the main window.
  • When changing the line size in the main window, the resizing was displayed incorrectly with a colored background.
  • The thumbnails were not displayed in the correct aspect ratio.
  • Changing the menu bar icon no longer requires restarting the application.
  • Other minor bug fixes

Start v5.0

New functions

  • You can now optionally switch tags and categories without a mouse click while the mouse is over them.
  • The use of hotkeys has been extended. You can now assign hotkeys to single tags. In fact, you can assign two hotkeys to a tag. The first hotkey opens the main window and then switches to the corresponding tag. With the second hotkey you can launch all entries of a tag at once.
  • While we are on the subject of tags: You can now assign an individual color to each tag icon.
  • The icons have been completely redesigned and enhanced to provide a consistent look-and-feel. Together with the different colors, you can now choose from 910 icon and color combinations to create your own tag icon.
  • The size of the icons as well as the text in the sidebar now use the macOS settings (10.15+).
  • You can customize colors, tags and comments at once on multiple entries in the configuration.
  • The number of entries of a tag can be displayed in the main window.
  • For known file types - if possible - a thumbnail is displayed instead of the file icon (10.15+)
  • Categories can be deactivated in the settings and will then no longer be displayed in the main window.

Bug fixes

  • Optimizations to the internal database.
  • Some URL schemes have been rejected by Start so far. The detection here has been corrected.
  • When changing the line size, the colour markings were then partially displayed incorrectly.
  • Various other bug fixes and optimizations.


  • macOS 10.13 is no longer supported.