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What was new in Start v4?

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New functions

  • Enhancement of the drag'n'drop functionality in the main window: Individual entries can now simply be dragged onto an existing tag so that the tag is assigned to these entries.
  • The configuration dialog has been revised and divided into three areas. Besides a better structure, there is now space for future options.
  • In the configuration dialog you can now choose between different menu bar icons for Start.

Bug fixes

  • Layout fixes: some buttons did not have the desired width.
  • Various minor and major code optimizations and bug fixes.

Start v4.4

macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon

Start v4.4 was adapted to macOS Big Sur and supports the new Apple processors as Universal Binary.

New functions

  • The context menu of the tags has been functionally revised and now displays the available icons more clearly.
  • Numerous icons revised.


  • When using macOS Big Sur the menu icon was not visible.
  • When using macOS Big Sur some buttons in the preferences were not visible.
  • Performance optimizations in the display of the background color.
  • Optimization of the display for Big Sur.
  • The color selection box in the settings was not visible if no color was selected.

Start v4.3

For Start v4.3 we mainly worked on the performance. But also some optical improvements have been included in the update: The main window got a more modern look and the icons are now displayed in their native resolution of 48 pixels. Since this might look a bit opulent on small screens, you can now choose between two size settings in the configuration.

New functions

  • The size of the entries in the main window can now be selected between "Normal" and "Small"
  • Visual adjustments to the main window.
  • A new category was added: Active Applications (Shows all currently open applications and switches between them).


  • When the window was detached from the menu bar, not all resources were released afterwards.
  • Performance optimizations.

Start v4.2

New functions

  • Numerous icons newly created to better represent the actual function.
  • Tags can be renamed directly in the sidebar with a double click.
  • When renaming tags, any existing sub-tags are also renamed.
  • Tags can be deleted in the context menu.
  • The current database can be exported as CSV text file.
  • Added the possibility to launch Start automatically at login.


  • If an entry in Start was temporarily removed by an update or similar, it lost its settings (color, comment, etc.).
  • Invalid characters are automatically removed when creating/renaming tags.
  • Tags are now case-sensitive.
  • Some icons were not visible under macOS 10.13.

Start v4.1

New functions

  • Start now has an entry in the system services. This allows you to quickly send the selected files and folders to Start from the Finder and then open them with an application.


  • A minor problem with displaying the menu in the menu bar was fixed.
  • The context menus can now also be opened with a control click.
  • The toolbar in the main window has been replaced by an application menu again. All entries that are also available in the menu bar are now also available there.

Start v4.0

New functions

  • The context menu of the main window has been visually and functionally revised. You can now use the context menu to display the currently selected entry in the Finder, customize URLs on the fly and remove manually added entries with one click without having to go through the configuration first.
  • The tags in the main window now also have a context menu. You can use it to launch all entries of a tag at once.
  • The application menu in the main window has been replaced by a toolbar. You can now use the toolbar to quickly access the most important functions and also create new entries directly. The complete application menu (displaying the manual, release notes, quitting the program, etc.) is still available via the small icon in the menu bar.
  • The main window can now be detached from the menu bar. As an independent window, the main window remains open until it is closed manually.
  • The categories and tags in the sidebar can now be completely collapsed.
  • You can now add entries by drag'n'drop directly in the main window. Simply drag the entries into the main window while holding down the Option/Alt key. If a tag is currently selected, the new entries will automatically be added to this tag.
  • The input field for URLs is now multiline.
  • Entries in the configuration can now also be searched by their path.
  • Up to 11 configuration backups are automatically created each time the application is closed. The backups can easily be restored with a dialog.
  • In the settings you can now see which files and directories Start has permission to access from the sandbox.


  • Manually added applications are now categorized as applications and not as external files as before.
  • Manually added applications and directories now use localized names.
  • An assigned color could not be removed in the configuration.