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What was new in start v3?

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More URL-Schemes

start 3.2 added basic URL support. With the new version 3.3 you can now use any URL scheme besides HTTP and HTTPS URLs.

New functions

  • Besides http and https URLs, any URL scheme is now supported.

Bug fixes

  • Using tab to switch between textfields in the URL-Dialog was broken

  • In the context menu in the main window any entries could be hidden. This should only be limited to applications as they are automatically added by Spotlight. This has now been fixed. Self added entries can be removed in the configuration.

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start v3.2 - URLs and other Optimizations

Besides applications, files and folders you can now also manage URLs with start!

New functions

  • New Icons for the sidebar
  • URLs (websites) can be added/managed!
  • Export and Import of the settings revised. Now the complete configuration is saved
  • User manual newly created and integrated
  • Welcomescreen updated
  • Infodialog updated
  • New What's-New-Dialog
  • Search: The search in the main window now optionally also searches comments
  • Search: You no longer need to switch to the search field to search for entries. Just type in the main window and the search is activated automatically.

Bug fixes

  • Volumes are no longer recognized as files but as directories

  • Numerous smaller internal bug fixes

  • The context menu of the menu bar item was not always visible during multi-monitor work.

  • The split view between tags/categories and the respective entries can now be permanently adjusted

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start v3.1 - Ready for macOS 10.15 Catalina

  • The evaluation of keyboard shortcuts has been completely revised and is now compatible with the security settings of macOS 10.15.

  • macOS 10.15 changed the default paths of applications. This is now taken into account.

  • In addition to the default paths you can now add additional search paths in the settings (please make sure that these are also included in Spotlight).

  • When you open the application for the first time, some standard tags will be created to help you get started with the configuration.

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start v3.0

  • Numerous internal speed optimizations and bugfixes (more than 30% of the code has been rewritten or reworked)
  • Better adaptation to multi-screen operation
  • Drag'n'drop files and directories into Start to open them with the selected application
  • Complete revision of the configuration
  • Redesign of the main window - the individual entries are now a bit larger to make drag'n'drop easier
  • Select an alternative browser to open folders
  • Tags drop down menu is now based on substrings, so tags can be found more easily
  • Unused/empty tags are removed at the end of the program