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Start can manage and execute URLs in addition to applications, files and directories. If you think of URLs only as calls of web pages, you are not quite right with this: URLs can be used to control or call various programs and functions.

In the following example, we will look at how a macro of the software "Keyboard Maestro" can ...

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start is normally displayed as a popup menu from the menu bar and closes automatically as soon as you have selected an entry. But you can also detach start from the menu bar by dragging with the left mouse button and moving it as a separate window on the screen. Start will then remain open until you close the window with the x-button in the upper ...

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start v4.1

New functions

  • Start now has an entry in the system services. This allows you to quickly send the selected files and folders to Start from the Finder and then open them with an application.


  • A minor problem with displaying the menu in the menu bar was fixed.
  • The context ...
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The next major update of Start is nearing completion! Start v4 will contain many new and great features. Here is a little preview:

  • The context menu of the main window has been visually and functionally revised. You can now use the context menu to display the currently selected entry in the Finder, customize URLs on the fly and remove ...
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We now have a blog on our website. The blog is the new home for all information about Start. Product announcements, tips and tricks, general news - here you will find everything you need :-)

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start v3.3

More URL-Schemes

start 3.2 added basic URL support. With the new version 3.3 you can now use any URL scheme besides HTTP and HTTPS URLs.

New functions

  • Besides http and https URLs, any URL scheme is now supported.

Bug fixes

  • Using tab to switch between ...

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start v2.2

  • Context menu for quick customization of entries directly in the main window.

  • Display of currently opened programs by a small dot next to the program entry.

  • Easy and fast use of favorites: entries can be quickly added to favorites via a star button.

  • Sourcecode optimized ...


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