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New functions

  • You can now drag'n'drop files and directories onto the menu bar icon or the top of the main window and then pass them to an application.
  • URLs from Safari can now be added using drag'n'drop.
  • Files and directories can now be added directly to a tag using drag'n'drop from the Finder.
  • The current ...
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New functions

  • Enhancement of the drag'n'drop functionality in the main window: Individual entries can now simply be dragged onto an existing tag so that the tag is assigned to these entries.
  • The configuration dialog has been revised and divided into three areas. Besides a better structure, there is now space for future options.
  • In ...
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A few days ago Apple released Big Sur. During the beta of Big Sur we already looked if and where there might be problems with Start. First the good news: apart from the strange fact that the menu icon is not visible in the main window (but still works) no problems have arisen and Start also runs under Big Sur.

You might ask yourself: "ok, ...

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The next major update of Start is nearing completion! Start v4 will contain many new and great features. Here is a little preview:

  • The context menu of the main window has been visually and functionally revised. You can now use the context menu to display the currently selected entry in the Finder, customize URLs on the fly and remove ...