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DEVONthink is a great software for managing and organizing all kinds of information. Opening DEVONthink with Start is very easy - but wouldn't it be handy if you could not only launch DEVONthink, but also switch directly to the desired database right away or display a specific information or file in ...

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In this blog post we want to dive a little deeper into the possibilities of URLs in Start. As you probably know, you can launch URLs from Start, in addition to applications, files and directories. HTTP and HTTPS URLs are opened via the standard browser. So, for example, you can easily launch the Amazon or IMDB website and search for an article or ...

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Start can manage and execute URLs in addition to applications, files and directories. If you think of URLs only as calls of web pages, you are not quite right with this: URLs can be used to control or call various programs and functions.

In the following example, we will look at how a macro of the software "Keyboard Maestro" can ...