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Category: Versionhistory

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New functions

  • You can now drag'n'drop files and directories onto the menu bar icon or the top of the main window and then pass them to an application.
  • URLs from Safari can now be added using drag'n'drop.
  • Files and directories can now be added directly to a tag using drag'n'drop from the Finder.
  • The current ...
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New functions

  • Enhancement of the drag'n'drop functionality in the main window: Individual entries can now simply be dragged onto an existing tag so that the tag is assigned to these entries.
  • The configuration dialog has been revised and divided into three areas. Besides a better structure, there is now space for future options.
  • In ...
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More URL-Schemes

start 3.2 added basic URL support. With the new version 3.3 you can now use any URL scheme besides HTTP and HTTPS URLs.

New functions

  • Besides http and https URLs, any URL scheme is now supported.

Bug fixes

  • Using tab to switch between textfields in the ...

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  • Context menu for quick customization of entries directly in the main window.

  • Display of currently opened programs by a small dot next to the program entry.

  • Easy and fast use of favorites: entries can be quickly added to favorites via a star button.

  • Sourcecode optimized and migrated to ...

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  • new: The category fields in the configuration now also support copy&paste via hotkey (cmd + xcv)

  • new: The search function in the configuration has been revised. Now it is possible to search for comments.

  • new: Entries can now optionally be started with a simple mouse click

  • bugfix: ...