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Quick Settings and Actions


In the context menu of the tags, various settings can be made on the respective tag. You can also start all entries of the tag at once.

Launch all

Launches all entries of the tag. Please note the following:

If the selected Tag contains 1 to 15 entries, these are started without confirmation. Between 16 and 30 entries a warning dialog will appear in advance to inform you that you want to launch a large number of entries. More than 30 entries will not be launched and will be confirmed with an abort dialog.

Delete tag

Removes the tag

Change icon

Here you can change the design of the tag and, for example, select an individual icon or change the color. By clicking on "Default" the design settings are reset.


Two hotkeys can be assigned to a tag:

View: This hotkey opens Start and switches to the corresponding tag. This gives you quick access to the entries of the tag.

Launch: This hotkey starts all entries of the tag at once, similar to the "Launch All" button. The same restrictions apply as for the button regarding the number of entries.