Quick Settings and Actions


If you want to quickly change settings for individual entries there is an alternative way instead of the "modify Data" dialog. You can also simply right-click on an entry in the main window to open a small configuration window. In this configuration window you can quickly assign a color or change the comment or Tags. Even defining a shortcut or upgrading an entry to a favorite is only a mouse click away. Besides the settings just mentioned, you can also perform various actions:


Hides an entry entered by Spotlight. The entry can then be made visible again in the configuration. This button is disabled for self-created entries.


Self-created entries can be removed from Start with this function. This button is disabled for entries detected by Spotlight.

Show in Finder

Entries pointing to files or directories can be quickly displayed in the Finder. For URLs, this button is therefore disabled.

Modify URL

If the current entry is a URL then you can use this button to quickly change the URL again. For other entries this button is disabled.