Modify Tags

With the configuration dialog "modify Tags" you can manage all currently existing tags at a glance and assign icons to each tag. The dialog is structured as a simple table. On the left side of each line you see the icon of the respective tag and on the right side the corresponding tag.

Remove tags

If you want to remove a tag completely, you can simply select the desired tag in the list and remove it with the “trash can” button.

Rename tags

In this dialog you can also rename a tag. Double click on a tag name to enter the edit mode. Now you can rename the tag. As soon as you press the return key the tag will be renamed for all assigned entries.

Merging tags

Merging tags is more or less a side effect of renaming: if you give a tag the same name as an existing tag, the tags will be merged.

Hotkeys for Tags

You can optionally assign one or two hotkeys to each tag:

View: This hotkey opens the main window and automatically selects the tag.

Launch: With this hotkey you can quickly and easily launch all entries that have this tag assigned.