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Modify Data

The Basics

The settings in the "Modify Data" area are, so to speak, the core of the application. Here you can see all data that are currently managed in Start. At first sight it might look a bit overloaded but basically it is a tabular view of the data with different search and filter options.

First a little back to the basics - where do the entries in Start actually come from? Start is mainly based on the data provided by macOS via Spotlight. Spotlight also reports updates (deleting or adding programs) to Start. In short: as long as Spotlight is running on your macOS System, Start captures all applications in the defined searchpaths. It is now interesting for entries that have nothing to do with applications, such as links to directories or files and URLs. Theoretically, these could also be captured and evaluated using Spotlight. However, this would make configuration practically impossible (imagine Start displaying all files on your system in the configuration - this would be a really huge list). Therefore Start limits itself to the automatic collection of the applications and you can quickly and easily add further entries to the database by yourself.

In the following, the configuration window is explained in more detail and you will see - it is not that difficult.

The “modify Data” Window in detail