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Hotkeys can be configured in several places in Start and extend the capabilities of Start immensely. For example, you can use a hotkey to show and hide the main window or to launch individual entries without having to open the main window at all. It is also possible to launch all entries of a tag at once. In the following, we will take a closer look at the individual setting options and where they are useful.

Global Hotkey & Category Hotkeys

You can define a "Global Hotkey" in the Start settings. With this hotkey you can quickly show and hide the main window.

Hotkeys for the individual categories can also be stored in the settings. But first: what are categories? All entries entered in Start are automatically divided into categories. These are for example applications, folders, files but also the last used applications or the currently active applications (if you don't want to have individual categories displayed, you can of course hide them). In the settings you can now assign hotkeys to the individual categories. These hotkeys work similar to the global hotkey: as soon as you press a stored hotkey, the main window is displayed and Start automatically switches to the corresponding category.

If you store a hotkey for the active applications, you can quickly switch between the active applications with Start.


Hotkeys for single Entries

You can assign a hotkey to every single entry in Start. It does not matter if it is a program, file, directory or URL. By means of this hotkey the entry can then be started, even if the main window of Start is not displayed.
To assign a hotkey to an entry, simply right-click on the respective entry. In the now appearing menu you can store the hotkey.

The easiest way to get an overview of the currently stored hotkeys is to use the "Modify Data" dialog.


Hotkeys for Tags

A very powerful feature in Start is the ability to store hotkeys on tags. Here you can store not only one, but two different hotkeys for each tag.
To do this, simply right-click on a tag. In the popup window that appears, you can store a hotkey for "View" and another hotkey for "Launch".

If this hotkey is pressed, the main window of Start will be shown and you will switch to the corresponding tag. This way you can quickly view all entries of a tag.

This hotkey allows you to launch all entries of a tag at once. For example, if you always need the same applications for a task, you can simply assign them to a tag and then save a "Launch" hotkey for this tag. Now you can quickly launch all applications for this task at once with a hotkey combination.

The easiest way to get an overview of the currently stored tag-hotkeys is to use the "Modify Tags" dialog.