start v1.3

  • new: The category fields in the configuration now also support copy&paste via hotkey (cmd + xcv)
  • new: The search function in the configuration has been revised. Now it is possible to search for comments.
  • new: Entries can now optionally be started with a simple mouse click
  • bugfix: Aliases are now recognized identically, no matter if they are added by drag'n'drop or button
  • Various code optimizations

start v1.2

  • Fixed a small issue when displaying the color assignments.
  • The comment field is now limited to 70 characters.
  • Optimization in relation to the sandbox
  • Added dialog for importing files and directories in the configuration

start v1.1

  • Welcomedialog at the first launch
  • Adding comments to entries
  • Revised configuration dialog
  • Show all or only active entries in the configuration
  • Internal code optimizations

start v1.0

- initial release -